Alfadent is an implantology and dental clinic that offers to its clients excellent services in short terms at a very good price, and with certified quality guarantee.

Where others give up we offer you a pain-free solution!

Thanks to the applied scientifical knowledges of contemporary research in stomatology, in our clinic you would experience absolutely original possibilities of treatment. All under one roof, so to speak. Our physicians are highly educated specialists in implantology, parodontology, prosthetics and maxillar surgery. Therefore we are able to coordinate with them most of the procedures in one place, under one roof. This kind of service cannot be offered to you by ordinary dentist.

During the treatment our priorities are the patient´s comfort and pain-free procedure. The dentist will provide you with detailed explanation and will assist you with setting up your treatment plan according to your time schedule and financial means. Maybe for the first time in your life you will experience during your dental treatment a comfort, friendliness and highly professional approach at the same time.

With the name Alfadent you can be sure to have made a good choice. We have set up for you an excellent team of highly educated and skilled professionals. In our clinic we offer you not only quality service, perfect materials and an extended 3-year guarantee but also everything what the contemporary scientifical progress can do for your health.

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